Jul 8, 2020

You Can Make a Difference!


When we first started out, if you would have said to us, go out and make a difference in the lives of 100,000 people, we would have probably quit before we ever started!  We decided we should start with something we could handle, start small and keep moving forward. Our first year doing The Water Run was no different, most of the team thought we should try to raise $1500.00, I vetoed that and we decided on $30,000.00. When the dust had settled and all the numbers were crunched we ended up raising just over $50,000.00, but we could have never done it if we hadn't done it as a TEAM! That being said, we need your help, as the Water Ministry expands to help more and more people, we need to Expand our Water Run Team to give us a hand raising funds. 


First Things First

  1. Click on register and you will be taken to the Race-roster page

  2. Use your email address to start your own account (write down your password for the future)

  3. Once you have registered, you can watch some helpful videos right on the site about fundraising and various other things.

  4. You can fund-raise two ways, you can send out emails right from your race-roster account to your friends and family. (mom's and dad's, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas. I know they would love to support your efforts and also become part of The Water Run Team! The second way, go to The Water Run website and download a pledge sheet and take it around your neighborhood. You will be surprised just how generous people are when they know where the funds are going. ( My wife and I took our triple 8 year olds around the block one afternoon they raised a total of $800 in two afternoons.) Who doesn't like a walk.

  5. If you are having any trouble please contact us though the website and we will get back to you ASAP.