Sep 3, 2020

The Water Run (Michelle's Story)


With The Water Run quickly approaching I thought it would be good to share some of the teams stories on why they got involved with the run and how it has also changed their own lives.

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Michelle's Story
A few years ago a friend asked if I could help blow up some balloons  for the finish line, she said there would be pizza! Who says no to that! Ive been doing balloons for the start finish line ever since. So  a natural  flow into the Water Run Committee would be assumed and its been great. December 2019 comes and out I go to find a cup of coffee at this great little gem we have downtown and a friend shows up, we talk a little about our days and upcoming plans for Christmas and ideas for gifts for our husbands,  Well she’s going to Africa so they are not doing gifts for each other this year! (You should come along she says, it’ll be SO great she says)! An hour later my Flight is booked, passport scanned and  visa application has been started,  we leave January 13, 2020.
To say the trip to Kenya was great would be an understatement. Never in my life did I ever think that going to Kenya would be a possibility, but I am so grateful  that God put these steps in place before I had any idea. God is so big in Kenya and doing amazing things through the people there. Being able to witness first hand where funds from Nehemiah Construction ministries is going was a huge eye opener and a beautiful thing to witness. The people of Turkana and Lodwar are  so full of love and kindness and its a contentment I long for . Experiencing  the gratitude they have for what Nehemiah has brought to them  by the Grace of God and generosity of so many people back home made my heart explode.  The simple things we take for granted like just turning on a tap for water  are life changing, in more ways than I ever thought possible! it took a whirlwind of a trip to Kenya to really open my eyes and my heart.  I will be forever grateful for the random coffee shop meeting in 2019.  
Watch the new Water Run Video just click the link below.