Aug 20, 2020

The Water Run (Ava's Story)

When I first heard Dave speak about the Turkana people, my heart was stirred into action. I couldn’t fathom having no access to clean drinking water and how a whole day was spent walking for miles to collect contaminated water. 
We decided in the first year (2009) to organize a “fun run” to raise some money to help with the water well drilling. It turned into a community event and I can still remember being so blown away by the generosity of the people in Medicine Hat and surrounding area! 
Now after 10 years of helping organize  The Water Run, my dream to go see the projects in Africa came to fruition this January 2020. I got to meet the drilling team and Joyce and Larry who oversee the projects and live there the majority of the year. It was great to put a face to so many of the names we have heard of over the years. 
My favorite part was interacting with the people. The Turkana people are friendly and welcoming and share what little they have. The excitement and anticipation was palpable when a whole village came out to watch the drill team at work. It also made me aware of how many regions are still untouched and how much work goes into bringing water to these remote villages. 
I won’t forget the faces of the children and I’m so grateful to be a part of changing their future by helping bring them something as simple as water.
The Water Run Video