Jun 10, 2020

Save The Date

With all the uncertainty surrounding our 11th Annual Water Run, we are excited to announce that this years run will go on. We are still working out all the details but we have decided to expand this years run with an added option of a virtual run, in hopes of drawing people from around the globe to join our great cause. The Water Run is Nehemiah Constructions Ministries largest fundraiser and has been one of the main reasons for our continued success in bringing clean water to the Turkana people of Northern Kenya. With your continue support and enthusiasm we are looking forward to many more years of making a difference!




Making a Difference

1. Save the date. Oct 10th, 2020
2. Checkout our brand new website below (Blue button) and our new registration page.
3. Get registered and start talking to friends and family.
4. Once you are registered you can start to fund-raise right on your personal site.
5. Make sure to watch the new video to see the impact The Water Run is making.