Sep 25, 2020

Janzen Builders Story

The last few weeks we have featured some of our long term team members, so I thought it would be good to change it up and share some of the sponsors stories on why they got involved with The Water Run and how it has also changed their own lives.

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Nehemiah Construction Ministries and the Water Run 2020 

We first heard about Nehemiah Construction Ministries and The Water Run through our daughter in 2013. Our daughter was asked to join the running classes that Ava taught to help the runners train for The Water Run. I was impressed with the vision and enthusiasm that was shared as everyone worked together towards a common goal: Changing Lives One Drop at a Time. The Water Run 2020 will be the 11th year that volunteers have coordinated this community event.  Each year, The Water Run has been on the Saturday morning of Thanksgiving weekend … a time set aside to come together as a community to enjoy physical activity with friends and family, some run and others walk, in order to raise money and give the gift of clean drinking water to the Turkana people in Northern Kenya. 

In the beginning, a need was identified: the Turkana people needed clean drinking water. The vision to help provide this necessity for life has been the motivation of Dave and Nehemiah Construction Ministries and The Water Run through the years. The impact on the lives of the Turkana people has been amazing! In the updates we received this year, The Water Run has funded 30 water wells and a total of over 70 wells have been drilled through Nehemiah Construction Ministries since 2008. The ripple effect of clean drinking water includes improved health, the development of productive gardens, assistance for education (high school and college), and individuals’ self worth, purpose, and faith has been inspired. Through the education program, one young Turkana woman went to college and is now able to bring her knowledge of marketing and gardening back to 185 local Turkana women to help her community become self-sufficient. Funds are also given to offer care for children in the orphanage. Lives are being changed and the community is being transformed. One drop at a time becomes one person at a time. 

As a business owner in Medicine Hat, I often think of how much time has been committed to facilitating all the details on the ground in Turkana since 2008 to create such a huge impact through the years. The equipment that is required to drill each well. The cost of maintaining the equipment. The red tape of ensuring that things are done according to the rules and regulations of this foreign country. Overseeing the teams of people who are involved with each part of this ministry, from water wells to education to an orphanage. The sacrifices that are made by the spouses and family members of those who go to Turkana to be on the ground and follow up with things in person year after year. As well as the numerous hours that are invested locally in fundraising events like The Water Run. Thank you to Dave and Laura and so many others who have sacrificed through the years. Each person has their own story, their own health struggles, their own moments of discouragement, their own times of struggle and confusion as they continue to persevere in growing and expanding and walking out their vision one step at a time. 

The Water Run in our Medicine Hat community is a great place for individuals and businesses to invest their resources, one dollar at a time!  We have heard the first-hand examples of how these resources are being used to bring physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual help and encouragement to the Turkana people. Personally, we believe God is the One who directs our steps and who provides our daily needs. Over the past 7 years, Janzen Builders has had the privilege of sponsoring the Water Run. I encourage you to consider this opportunity to give. Sign up with your staff, your family, and your friends and join the fun of the Water Run 2020 on Saturday, October 10th! We are excited to be part of Changing Lives One Drop at a Time!


Loralee Janzen at Janzen Builders