Sep 17, 2020

David Nelson's Story


With The Water Run quickly approaching I thought it would be good to share some of the teams stories on why they got involved with the run and how it has also changed their own lives.

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      My name is David Nelson and I live in central Alberta. I got involved with Nehemiah Construction back in 2007 and have since made 13 trips to the Turkana region of Northern Kenya. I try to go at least once a year and I was most fortunate to witness the very first well being drilled and immediately saw the impact that clean water made on so many people. Lives were being changed forever and it was a very emotional time for all those who had worked so hard to see clean water being pumped out of the ground in the dessert.
      With that being said in order for the work to get done we need to raise funds and that is where The Water Run has come in. Over the past 10 years The Water Run has raised over $600,000.00 and all these funds go directly into changing the lives of countless Turkana people. Drilling wells has had a ripple effect and though water we have been able to start an education program that is having even more amazing results. We also share the gospel which opens the door to help in even more ways, such as emergency food in times of drought and emergency clothing for the children that are naked.
        I believe we are all called to lend a hand, what ever that looks like, whether it's hands on or supporting others to help. Your efforts and contributions have literally saved lives and are making a huge  difference half way around the world.
        Please join us for this years Water Run. Run, walk or just go online and make a donation.
I challenge you to follow the money, ask questions and see the difference you have made by donating to The Water Run!
       If we work together we can change the world! (we are changing the world)!!

David Nelson